Friday, September 19, 2014


So Ethan's been virtually reaction free, since his initial allergic reaction at 18 months.


Until Wednesday, when I got a call at 8:21 am from school that he had itchy hives all over his legs...  He didn't have hives anywhere else, and was having no other symptoms.  He had not eaten anything, and they didn't know of anything out of the ordinary that he may have touched.

I advised to give him benedryl, and to call me if anything else showed up... or to call me in 15 minutes...whichever came first.   I also asked that they change his pants, in case he was reacting to something on the pants.

Long story short... the benedryl stopped the itching, the hives went away... and he had no other symptoms.

That evening, I picked the boys up from school... we did our normal evening routine... and then, 45 minutes before bed, the itchy hives came back... this time on his legs and his stomach.  We did benedryl again, and the itchy hives didn't get worse, and no other symptoms showed up.

I checked on Ethan almost every hour that night, and kept the baby monitor next to my ear all night long.  Of course this was during the time that Jim was out of the country on a business trip... Of course it was one of my solo-parenting-nights.  Of course (thank goodness), he was fine.

At home, Ethan didn't eat anything he hasn't had before, on that day.  We hadn't even opened any new packages of things - everything was the same batch/bag/ingredient.  At school, they are reading labels, too... but he hadn't even eaten anything at school before they called me.

The only known difference in routine was the pants he put on that morning.  They were hand-me-downs that still smelled strongly of fabric softener or a fragranced detergent (of which we use neither because it flared his eczema as a baby), despite my having washed them before putting them into his drawer.  If this reaction was due to something environmental (and not a virus of some sort)... I would put my bets on the fabric softener or detergent.  Except that doesn't explain the evening hives... he was wearing his old pajamas....nothing new.

To say that my nerves were a wreck all evening and the following day (and still now), would be to put it lightly.

I had the epi-pens ready... I was so scared for him...
The thought, "two systematic responses equals anaphylaxis" kept running though my head.

Hives = 1 system response. ANY other symptom would have caused need for the epi-pen...but we didn't need it.

He was fine.

He is fine.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Lack of blog posts sure is not due to lack of events going on...!

Last Thursday we celebrated Ethan's 5th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese!

Pretty sure that Ethan had the time of his life... 
...and even approved of my interpretation of his cake order...

"The biggest chocolate cake ever, with cupcakes on top!"
Would you believe it's also gluten, egg, and nut free?!!!!

Saturday, we started soccer!

Gavin is in the "Itty Bitty" League for 2-3 year olds.
Gavin had absolutely no interest in playing with his team,
but he loved running through all the soccer fields,
and sitting on his Dadda's shoulders!

Ethan is on in the "Rookies" League for 4-5 year olds.
..and Ethan LOVED it!

He seemed to really get the gist of the game, despite never having played before...
and even had an assist on a goal for his team!

Go Team Lightning!
(Bonus: His coach is an Engineering Grad from KU! Small World!)

Saturday evening, while out with the girls at Wine Club...
Dadda sent Momma some disgusting photos... of Gavin's poop!
He pooped twice on the potty on Saturday night...!!!!!

I guess we're staring potty-training, officially!

Sunday he insisted on wearing his big-boy under-pants...
...and was successful with using the potty two more times!

So yeah - we're still alive around here... and as busy as ever, I guess!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!!!

Today you are 5!


Love you so much.

- Kiss and Hugs,