Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stitch Fix #1 - This won't be my last!

If you hang around Facebook, Instagram, or Real-Life-Me you may have heard about me being a little tiny bit ecstatic about receiving my upcoming first "fix".

It arrived today.

And to paint a full picture of the situation, I should admit that a wave of anxiety and a flashback occurred just before opening the box.  For some reason, I was transported back to the 80's when my Mom used to order us "special" outfits from catalogs. It was always such a thrill when they arrived... But I also remember having to return many an outfit because it didn't fit.  Not only did some of those clothes not fit, I would practically get stuck in these garments.  The giggling fits that ensued between my Mom and I as we tugged things back over my head, always made for a fun memory... But there was also the disappointment of having to make returns.

So I took a deep breath, giggled to myself (and said a silent prayer that I didn't actually get stuck in any of these clothes)...

And when the boys finally were snug in bed, I tore into my Fix!

Four tops and one dress were listed on my personal styling card. I loved the mix of colors and patterns.  Every piece "felt" good, too... You know when you pick up a shirt, and kind of want to live in it? Yeah... They all felt that good.  But I tried not to make any judgements until trying each piece on.

Confession 1 : I don't own a full length mirror. 
Confession 2 : I don't like taking selfies (proof below).
Confession 3 : I sure have bad lighting, for being a lighting designer!

Despite all of that... Here's what was in my first (and not my last) Fix Box!

First the bad news...

Shirt 1 : I wanted to like this, soooo much. Love the color, the pattern, and the detail on the sleeve.  But no.... Just no... It didn't fit right. It was too sheer for my taste... Kinda bummed.

Shirt 2 : Softest stripey shirt, ever! This would be fabulous as a sleep shirt... But it just didn't flatter me... Was wayyyyy thin (almost see-through).... And was one of the most expensive pieces.  Just not for me.

Maxi Dress : Very soft material. But no. It did nothing for me. The waist hit me weird.... The pattern was kinda meh.... And so, even though I love dresses.... This wasn't one for me.

Now the good news....

Shirt 3 : Love the color! Love the detailing at the neck and sleeves.  The fit was loose but felt tailored. It looked great with jeans, and is something I could wear to work, or to hang out in on weekends. I love it, and am keeping this one!

Shirt 4 : I'm on the fence. This sleeveless shirt is pretty, flowey, with some funky detailing at the shoulders. It's comfortable.  I'm just not sure if it might make me look pregnant? Not going for that look these days.

So there it is.... Blurry photos of the fun I had with my first fix.  I can't wait to schedule my next fix! Even if I only find a piece or two to add to my closet each month, I think this is going to decrease my frumpiness score, and that's exciting!

If you're interested in trying out Stitch Fix too - I'd love to have you as a referral (I get $25 if you sign up... No pressure, just wanted to throw that out there!) 

Just click this link!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

3-day long summer weekend with sunny 80 degree weather = perfection!

Friday evening we met up with MeeMaw and Papa at a local church for their community celebration.  This is our third year attending the event!  Great parking.  Free snow cones and water.  A playground and bounce houses for the kids.  And a great view of the city fireworks display!

When did Gavin get big enough to swing on a big-kid swing?!

Glow sword, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets!

Ethan took great naps all weekend (probably because we promised that he could stay up extra late if he did).  Gavin, on the other hand... didn't nap great... so we played outside, to keep the house quiet.

The long weekend wasn't completely picture-perfect... The boys teamed up a few times (fighting sometimes)... and sometimes scheming against the parents (haha!).  Like Saturday morning, when they decided we were going to have a movie marathon of their choosing!

How'd they get their dining chairs across the room?
Isn't someone watching these kids?
Saturday evening we went to a party at Momma's friend, Nicole's house, in the city.  She lives within walking distance of a local park that has fantastic fireworks!  This firework show is without compare... they are close, and loud, and spectacular! 

Perfect weather, great friends, amazing show!

Yeah, fireworks!

Ethan's face says it all...  Perfection!

Happy Happy 2014 Independence Day Weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Losing it with MyFitnessPal + Fitbit

...more about my saga with food (but I promise, there's a light at the end of this tunnel).

I'm not sure exactly how to put this, but Weight Watchers, we're over.  You + Me = Never Again.  I think that you have helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight... including me.  But here's the thing, you didn't teach me anything about food.  I learned your game of points - and I was GOOD at your game!  I loved logging my food online!  I loved the sense of community - since it seems like everyone's done WW at one point or another, if not doing it now.  But here's where I need to be brutally honest - you weren't in it for "me".  And I don't like hanging onto one-sided relationships.  You didn't teach me anything about food.  I had no idea what amount of calories, fat, or carbohydrates I was consuming at any time.  And that's a problem, especially when I quit paying you.  Because when you stopped getting my money, you stopped helping me play your game of points.

Ok... enough raggin' on an old "friend"... I just had to get that off my chest.

Things I DID learn from Weight Watchers:

  • I am able to keep myself accountable (i.e. I don't cheat) for what I eat and when I exercise, by keeping a food and exercise diary.  Being able to log my food and exercise on my iphone (or ipad or computer) is REALLY awesome, and it plays into my love of all things nerdy like charts and bar graphs.
  • Having a sense of community is really beneficial.  Sure, no one can make me drink water instead of soda... or take an extra set of stairs instead of the elevator.  But being to see others on the journey, knowing I'm not the only one struggling and succeeding - it really helps.
  • Food is delicious.  I love food.  I love new foods.  I love new recipes.
  • I don't like having to pay someone else to tell me what food I should be eating.
  • I need to drink more water.


Enter my two new favorite apps (both available for iphones at the App Store for FREE):
  • MyFitnessPal (also available for use at a PC at
  • Fitbit

Reasons why I LOVE MyFitnessPal -

  1. It's free.
  2. It's easy to use.  No really, it's really really easy to use.  You log in and go to your food diary, and you can either enter new foods, or recent foods, or create menus, or create recipes.  Their database has just about any food (brand/restaurant/produce) that you can dream up already in there!  But if it's not, you can always scan a barcode!
  3. It syncs automatically with the FitBit app (and a ton of other fitness apps and devices, just check their list), to track exercise (or lack thereof).
  4. You can link up with friends that are also using MyfitnessPal to cheer them on, or just check in on how they are doing (and they can check in and cheer you on, too).
  5. There are bar charts and pie charts and lists, oh my! ha! After just a few days of tracking what you eat, you are able to see patterns.  It puts it all there in an easy to understand format - are you getting enough protein? Too much salt? Too many carbs? Not enough iron?
Reasons why I LOVE Fitbit -

  1. While the app is free, I did get a Fitbit Flex for tracking my steps and sleeping habits.  
  2. It syncs with MyFitnessPal... so that you are able to see the big picture food vs exercise vs weight vs health.
  3. Fitbit tracks not only steps but sleep patterns.
  4. I'm sure there will be more reasons to love my fitbit... but I've only had mine a short while.  I promise to update!

One other purchase I did make, that was totally not necessary to aid in this fitness plan... but I bought a lid (ok, I bought one and got one free during a recent promotion) from the Mason Bar Company.  I got the yellow one, because "summer".  It converts any mason jar into a sippy cup. Ha!  New lid + lime juice + icewater = My newest obsession.

So what are my goals?

  • "Losing it" - Get rid of a little extra weight (+/- 10 pounds).
  • "Get Healthy" - It's summer... c'mon... time to get back into the healthy routine.
  • "Get moving" - Unofficial training for our Disney Trip in November!